Customize Your Home

Celebrating over 25 years as a premier custom home builder, Alliance Homes continues to build exceptional homes in Western New York. We understand that building your dream home is about much more than lot selection and construction. It’s also about finding the perfect design and functionality to suit your lifestyle.

High Quality Designs

Choosing to build a custom home allows you to be part of the entire process. Whether you select one of our standard plans or your own, Alliance Homes will work with you to develop the home that meets your needs. Throughout every phase of the home building process, you will encounter professionalism, courtesy and superior workmanship.

Alliance provides our customers with exceptional designs and trend setting ideas, so that every Alliance home begins with a variety of custom features. Firest, we create our own in-house AutoCad design; customers can then choose from an impressive list of amenities designed to last a lifetime. Our commitment to the customer goes beyond distinctive and innovative architecture. We use only materials that provide good value-brand name products that are very reliable and, if need be, easily serviceable.

Our staff

Alliance Homes provides our customers with exceptional designs, including Craftsman house plans, and trend setting ideas. We start your custom home building process by creating an in-house AutoCAD design of your home. Then, you choose from an impressive list of amenities designed to last a lifetime. Alliance Homes offers many standard features not offered by other builders, such as high-efficiency furnaces and hot water tanks, copper and PEX piping, Pella windows, Kohler plumbing products and more. How the house is built is more than just the design of the home; at Alliance Homes, we use reliable, brand name products with enduring value.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond distinctive and innovative architecture. Our staff is always accessible, working continuously with you ensuring that every experience maintains your complete satisfaction. Establishing a comfortable working relationship is the single most important factor in determining how successful and pleasurable your home building experience will be. By blending modern-day lifestyle plans with traditional quality craftsmanship, we offer you the guidance needed to make building a new home, the exciting and rewarding experience it should be.

Alliance Homes is readily available after completion of your custom home to make adjustments or corrections as needed, assuring your home lasts a lifetime. Completing the work in a timely manner guarantees the end result of your home building effort is all that you had hoped and more!